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Clarification on Automator's abilities


Just started using Automator today to batch-process a folder full of text files.  I was able to convert all the text files to Word docs using a third-party action I got from Apple's site called "Convert Text Files."

However, I'm unclear about whether the stock Automator actions can do batch processing.  At the moment I'm trying to convert those same raw text files into audio files using the "Text to Audio File" action, but can't figure out how to make the workflow do more than one file before it declares victory and retreats.

Here's my current workflow:
1. "Get Specified Finder Items" (I've chosen all the text files, all 200 of them)
2. "Open Finder Items" (using Text Edit)
3. "Text to Audio File" (which saves to a different folder on my Desktop)
4. "Convert QuickTime to MPEG-4" (another third-party action)
5. "Find Finder Items" (find the old .aiff files created in Step 3)
6. "Move to Trash" (move those files to the Trash)

The problem: All 200 files open up in TextEdit at the same time.  When the last file opens, it is processed.  However, then the process stops completely with "success."  Huh?

Like I said above, I'm totally new to Automator, so I must be missing something.  Surely the stock Automator actions can be combined to process a folder full of files in this way?

Any help for a newbie would be appreciated!


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Kevin Wolfe
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Re: Clarification on Automator's abilities


Drop the Open Finder Items. The workflow should work without it. You shouldn't need to open them for Automator to work with them.




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