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Backing up CDs

Hi everyone, I'm struggling with Automator, trying to do the following:

When I pop in an audio CD, I want Automator to,

1. Import the music using Apple Lossless
2. Move those Apple Lossless files to a Burn Folder; delete any potentially remaining folders from the iTunes library
3. Eject the original audio CD
4. Wait for me to insert a blank CD (not sure if this is possible)
5. When I insert the blank CD, burn the Apple Lossless files to the new CD

This would allow me to keep backups of my CDs. (I hate when the originals get scratched!)

I know how to do some of the simple things, like import using Apple Lossless, and ejecting the CD. The other stuff I'm not sure how to approach, though. If someone here could help me out, I'd be VERY grateful.

Any and all suggestions are more than welcome. Thanks in advance!

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