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"Create Thumbnail Images"

the automator script called Create Thumbnail Images, is great-- but I need bigger thumbnails than it makes. the choices max out to 128px, and I need thumbs that are 250px and 500px in size.
Is there a way to edit this script?

Or does anyone have a similar one?

The fact that it names th sized-down copies with a "t" or "tn" is key




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Re: "Create Thumbnail Images"


I don't think it is possible to modify that Automator action to do what you want, but I can provide an alternative that is not quite as convenient to use as that action.

If you download iMagine Photo from the following link:


After installing it, by copying the iMagine Photo folder to you applications folder, run iMagine Photo and then quit it. Start Automator and iMagine Photo will be added to the library list. Select it, and one of the actions you will see is Scale To. Unfortunately it doesn't create new files like the thumbnail action so you will have to insert the "Copy Finder Items", and then the "Rename Finder Items" actions before the "Scale To" action, this will do what you need.

If you have any problems please followup here. I should be able to help you out.


MovingImages is a scripting tool for non-linear video editing.

iMagine Photo is deprecated. I would not use it for any new projects.



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