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Osaxen troubleshooting

These are the most frequent causes because a scripting addition does not work:

- You are in OS X and trying to use a classic scripting addition (or the reverse situation). Look at for a list of OS X and classic osaxen.

- You didn't install it properly. Read carefully our faq How do I install a scripting addition?.

- You are trying to use classic osaxen from OS X, but you don't know how. Read our faq How can I use classic osaxen in OS X?.

- You are trying to use a embedded scripting addition in your application's bundle, but it doesn't work. Read our faq Can I include a scripting addition in my application?.

If none of these solved your issue, most probably you are working with a corrupted, buggie or outdated scripting addition, or with a file which is not a scripting addition at all. Try finding the newest version available and reinstalling it again. If you think the osax contains bugs, remember to report it back to the author.



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