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Where can I get specific help regarding a script I'm working on?

Many software companies offer mailing lists and other types of interactive support for their products. Check their web site to see if they offer any type of scripting resources for their products.

There are also user-to-user forums available. This is often the most valuable source of scripting information and assistance because there's a good chance that someone else has encountered the same situation and found a solution. Frequently, these resources are also monitored by various software company employees who offer unofficial support when possible. offers this type of forum with its Bulletin Board System (BBS).

Apple Computer hosts the Applescript-Users List, a mailing list which is frequented by some of the top scripters in the world, including key members of the AppleScript development team and representatives of various software developers.

There is also the Macintosh Scripting Systems (a.k.a. MACSCRPT) mailing list, which is hosted by Dartmouth College.

When posting to help forums such as these, it is always helpful to include as much pertinent information as possible. For example, it is usually advisable to include the version of software being scripted, the version of the operating system, and any relevant script code which might reveal the problem.

You can also search the huge quantity of messages of Apple's AUL in Google's site (just search for "search terms"); and MACSCRPT's own search engine at … 1=macscrpt.



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