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How can I make a backup of a folder?

There are several ways to make a backup of a given directory. The easiest one:


set folderToBackup to alias "disk1:folder:"
set destinationFolder to alias "disk2:folder:"

tell application "Finder" to duplicate folderToBackup to destinationFolder replacing yes

For more options, you can use the "backup" command of the Satimage osax. Here is the entry of the dictionary:


backup: synchronizes 2 folders. backup will resolve the alias located at the first level in the source folder, and no other alias. (defined in: Satimage.osax)
   backup file specification -- the source folder
       onto file specification -- the destination folder
       [level small integer] -- 0: report only, 1: synchronize folders, 2 : synchronize and report. Default 0.
       [after date] -- files older than this date are not considered.
       [recursively boolean] -- recursively synchronize subfolders. Default true.
   Result: string -- the (optional) report

And you could also burn the data to a CD/DVD using the XBurn osax. Here is the entry of the dictionary:


XBurn : XBurn
   XBurn file specification -- the folder you want to burn (it cannot be a single file, only a folder)
       [multiple burns boolean] -- should the media be available for other burns (default is true)
       [checking boolean] -- should the burn be checked? (default is true)
       [action eject/mount] -- what to do after burning (default is eject)
       [safe boolean] -- Just a simulation to see if the burn will be successful
       [file system HFSP/Joliet/ISO9660] -- the file system of your burn (default is HFS+, HFSP stands for HFS+)

Finally, you could copy your data to a ftp or www server using utilities such as "curl" or URL Access Scripting. And pass archives to a mobile device using the Bluetooth technology and a scriptable tool. And much more things not covered here... Ask at our BBS!

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