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How can I mount a volume in a network?

You can use Standard Additions' command mount volume, using the following syntax:


mount volume "afp://" as user name "john" with password "doe"

--> or, more simple:

open location "afp://john:doe@"

You should also define which volume you wish mount of the machine ""; simply append the volume you need to the server IP: "".

The syntax for the smb protocol or your iDisk is the same. Here, some more samples:


mount volume "smb://john:doe@"
mount volume "afp://"
mount volume "thisOne" on server "Cool Server" in AppleTalk zone "*" as user name "john" with password "doe"

Some users have reported problems when using passwords longer than 8 characters and trying to connect from OS 9 to a OS X machine.



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