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I am looking for my friend Jobu (Jed Green) anyone knows him?

Please forgive me if I am posting this in the wrong forum. I just didn't know where to place this.

I met a friend here many years ago, Jed Green from Arizona, named "jobu" here.

He taught me a lot and we became friends.

He doesn't answer my emails, and I have no clue where he is now.

Does anyone know him? Any info?

He was a very helping person and active in this forum.


Bernardo Hoehl
Rio de Janeiro
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Adam Bell
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Re: I am looking for my friend Jobu (Jed Green) anyone knows him?

A Google search finds quite a few Jed Greens, some of whom could be Jobu judging from their credentials. His last post here was on July 5, 2008 and we haven't seen him since at MacScripter.

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