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Transfer data between Bluetooth devices

After a while looking online for an applescript able to transfer data between Bluetooth devices in a comfortable way, i realized that nobody was able to code something useful. The solution could be very simple :


tell application "Finder" to set the_item to item 1 of (get selection) as text
do shell script "open -a 'Bluetooth File Exchange' " & (quoted form of posix path of the_item)

..but the script evolved almost alone to my joy. You can save the following script as droplet applescript App, add a nice icon (just google for "Bluetooth icon"), i hope u find it useful. There are contributions of Macscripter and Stack overflow. Feel free to share improvements for all of us!  Would be nice to read these here tongue


#Bluetooth austausch
#Bluetooth File Exchange
#Erstellt von Joy am 10.08.17, ->12.08.17
# -
# -
# -
--bluetooth_powerstate(0) -- off
--bluetooth_powerstate(1) -- on
--bluetooth_powerstate(-1) -- toggle
--bluetooth_powerstate(9) -- query

property blueth_on : 0
property Osx : 4245
property _versionInteger : ""

use AppleScript version "2.4" -- Yosemite (10.10) or later
use framework "Foundation"
use framework "IOBluetooth"
use scripting additions

on run
   my activate_bluetooth()
end run

on open transfer_files
   if blueth_on is 0 then my activate_bluetooth()
   my main(transfer_files)
end open

on reopen
   set ls to {"kill hanging OBEXAgent", "Send file", "quit"} #{"Übertragung blockiert", "Datei senden", "Beenden"}
   set ch to choose from list ls with prompt "Choose option" #"Wähle Option..."
   if ch is false then return
   set ch to ch as text
   if ch is "kill hanging OBEXAgent" then #"Übertragung blockiert" then
       do shell script "killall OBEXAgent"
   else if ch is "Send file" then
       my main({})
       quit me
   end if
end reopen

on quit
   set blueth_on to 0
   #turn bluetooth OFF
   set res to my bluetooth_powerstate("0")
   continue quit
end quit

on activate_bluetooth()
   if blueth_on is 0 then
       #turn bluetooth ON
       set res to my bluetooth_powerstate("")
       if res is 0 then set res to my bluetooth_powerstate(1)
       set blueth_on to 1
   end if
end activate_bluetooth

on main(sel)
   set blue_device to {}
   set _versionInteger to system attribute "sysv"
   if _versionInteger > Osx then
       #"Bluetooth File Exchange"'s applescript dict is broken
       set blue_device to my get_devices()
       set lg to number of items in blue_device
       if lg > 1 then
           set ch to choose from list blue_device with prompt "Choose device" #"Wähle Gerät..."
           if ch is false then return
           set blue_device to ch as text
       end if
   end if
   if sel is {} then
       tell application "Finder"
           set frwin to (target of window 1 as text)
           set ch to choose file default location alias frwin with multiple selections allowed
           set sel to the result
           if (sel as text) is false then return
       end tell
   end if
   #send file
   my send_files(sel, blue_device)
end main

on get_devices()
   set allNames to ((current application's IOBluetoothDevice's recentDevices:0)'s valueForKey:"nameOrAddress") as list
   set pairedNames to ((current application's IOBluetoothDevice's pairedDevices())'s valueForKey:"nameOrAddress") as list
   return pairedNames
end get_devices

on send_files(sel, blue_device)
   set nw to ""
   repeat with a in sel
       set a to a as text
       set nw to nw & quoted form of POSIX path of a & " "
       delay 0.2
   end repeat
   #use shell-applescript dict is broken
   if _versionInteger > Osx then
       tell application "Bluetooth File Exchange"
               send file my_file to device blue_device
           on error #decline
           end try
       end tell
       do shell script "open -a 'Bluetooth File Exchange' " & (nw as text)
   end if
end send_files

on bluetooth_powerstate(m)
integer m : operation mode
0 = off
1 = on
-1 = toggle
9 = query (print current state)
return integer : resulting state

   #if m = 9 then set m to ""
   do shell script "/usr/bin/python <<'EOF' - " & m & "
# coding: utf-8
# file:
# function:
# get or set bluetooth power state
# usaeg:
# ./bluetooth_powerstate [mode]
# mode :
# 0 = off
# 1 = on
# -1 = toggle
# = query (print current state)
# version:
# 0.10
import sys, objc
import time
from CoreFoundation import *

IOBT_BRIDGESUPPORT = '''<?xml version=\"1.0\" standalone=\"yes\"?>
<!DOCTYPE signatures SYSTEM \"file://localhost/System/Library/DTDs/BridgeSupport.dtd\">
<signatures version=\"0.9\">
<function name=\"IOBluetoothPreferenceGetControllerPowerState\">
<retval type=\"i\"></retval>
<function name=\"IOBluetoothPreferenceSetControllerPowerState\">
<arg type=\"i\"></arg>
<retval type=\"i\"></retval>


def set_ioblpstate(s):
# int s : 0 = off, 1 = on
s1 = -1
for i in range(50):
s1 = get_ioblpstate()
if s1 == s:
if s1 != s:
sys.stderr.write('Unable to set bluetooth power state to %s\\n' % ('off' if s == 0 else 'on').encode('utf-8'))
return s1

def get_ioblpstate():
return IOBluetoothPreferenceGetControllerPowerState()

def main():
m = [ a.decode('utf-8') for a in sys.argv[1:] ]
if m == []:
print '%d' % get_ioblpstate()
elif m == ['0']:
print '%d' % set_ioblpstate(0)
elif m == ['1']:
print '%d' % set_ioblpstate(1)
elif m == ['-1']:
print '%d' % set_ioblpstate(1 if get_ioblpstate() == 0 else 0)
sys.stderr.write('Usage: %s [mode]\\n\\t%s, %s, %s, %s\\n' % (
sys.argv[0], 'mode: 0 = off', '1 = on', '-1 = toggle', '(void) = query')


   result + 0
end bluetooth_powerstate

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